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FAQ Singles Day

When is the Singles Day 2023?

On November 11, the time has finally come - Singles Day 2023. We are extending the increasingly popular shopping event to 3 days. Store from 11.-13. November 2023 your new favorite brand shoes on !

Singles Day or Guanggun Jie, which originated in China, is a day for single people or bachelors to celebrate being single originally. Since the number 1 in the date is supposed to symbolize a single person, the event takes place every year on 11.11. Singles Day is especially popular with young adults. Parties, events or karaoke nights are organized to celebrate being single, make new friends but also to fall in love.

As with other well-known events (e.g. Valentine's Day), more and more companies are recognizing the opportunity to use these days for advertising and sales purposes. Consequently, Singles Day has become one of the biggest and most profitable shopping events in recent years, alongside Black Friday. Especially in online retail there are many great offers at top prices!

Unfortunately, we can't answer the most frequently asked question beforehand. We will announce the discount for Singles Day only at the beginning of the promotion. But you can look forward to great discounts in the already very favorable shoes outlet. Great shoes & bags from popular brands like Rieker, Remonte, Rohde, Jane Klain, Supersoft, Piece of mind and many more are waiting for you.

Be quick is the motto. Many bargain hunters look for the best deals at such popular events. So order your new favorite shoes quickly before they are sold out. Take a look around the store now!

Singles Day starts at 00:00 on 11.11.2023 and ends at 24:00 on 13.11.2023.